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How to shoot a self portrait

"Can we uninstall 2020 and install it again? this version has a virus"

Stay Home

As much as we want to go outside to explore Seattle and create some content for our clients, our social media channels, for fun we know we need to stay home. I know the streets are pretty empty and here in the Pacific Northwest the cherry blossoms have just bloomed but we need to think of others in this time, I however think this is a great time for us to practice techniques and hone our photography skills.

Now with all this time we have in quarantine we can perfect self portraits, patience and repitition are key to learning any new skill.

What you will need

Mirrorless Camera or DSLR

Sturdy tripod

Smart phone

Remote control APP

Light stick (secondary light source)

What I Used: Sony A6300, Vanguard tripod, Yongnuo light stick, iPhone 10 & Imaging Edge Mobile APP.

What's next

First of all find the corner or the area of a room that you believe will make for an interesting backdrop, I always opt for less is more. But since we have all this time on our hands why not try to compose a beautiful backdrop like your composing a set of a movie. Camera on tripod, enable to remote controls via your camera menu and connect by scanning the barcode.Now you can see yourself via your phone screen you can now set up your secondary light source to illuminate the shadows or move around for more dramatic lighting, once your light is set up you're ready to start shooting.


Nervous about being in front of the camera even though you are in the safety of your home? blast your favorite music or have a glass or two of wine to help loosen you up. once you feel more at ease your photos will improve as a result.

Practice your craft

I've been a photographer for over 10 years and I still feel the need to practice and hone my craft, knowledge is what keeps you calm on big shoots. plus new photography techniques/ trends are always coming out and you don't want to fall behind the curve.

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