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self portraits

Quarantine has begun and to keep the creativity flowing I decided to hone my self portrait skills. all you need is a tripod, camera, and a remote control app. now we all have plenty of time to practice throw on your favorite outfit, pour a glass of wine, put some music on and don't forget to have fun with it.

Simply Seattle champion AD

Second shoot for Simply Seattle with models Rosa & William Maximus. the focus of this shoot was to put the spotlight on new product which was the Seattle champion hoodie range. rosa is sporting the white seattle hoodie and William is in the Seattle SuperSonics 1979 championship hoodie (NBA) in the iconic supersonic colourway.

simply seattle

mariner's ad

Simply Seattle is a lifestyle and sports brand with three locations in Downtown seattle. the pioneer square location has the biggest Seattle SuperSonics march store in seattle and for that reason focus mainly on sports march. newly added to their Seattle Mariners line is the "wild Pitch top" which we took to the sinking ship garage in pioneer square.



HONED CELEBRATED THEIR 3RD ANNIVERSAry and wanted to capture the memories from their anniversary art walk, it's exciting for business owners to see their clients engaging with their products..


Rachel hadn't't been involved with a shoot in a while and wanted some images to update her social channels but also for a  headshot she can use for more professional purposes. Rachel knew that she wanted to do a shoot outdoors with some nature. in my research I locate this beautiful park which also has a conservatory, Perfect! I thought. I look up the website and see they are photography friendly (always important to check) we get to the location and the sun is beaming and we create some magic!


David is a realtor with mountains of ambition and projects he wants to complete, one of those is to create an influential presence online to communicate & motivate people to be successful in their fields so they can reap more rewards and set up a better life for themselves or their families. we set out to convey the lifestyle David and his wife have made for themselves which involved going to rubbing shoulders with other business owners, Rotary Club members and going to sports games.

Senior photos

it's that time of year again, this was a fairly new concept to me as we don't have this kind of thing in Europe. But I was happy to join in on this American tradition.

Beach side proposal

truly an honor to be invited to capture a couple at their most vulnerable, a private moment between two people. capturing the joy, suspense & tears that follow a surprise proposal.

I acted like a landscape photographer taking photos of the beach and lighthouse to throw the unsuspecting fiancé to be off the scent. Matthew and I had every moment planned and when they stepped onto the beach I flew into action. 

real tears nothing can beat tears of joy!

biggest of apples

im not originally from SeattleI was born & raised in London, uk. since moving to the United States of America I have desired to travel as much as I can and document this country. I must admit there is no place in America I wanted to view more than New York! as a brit you kind of look at New York as a brother so similar in many ways and it was confirmed when I stepped out of the airport. what an amazing city!

1st Birthday

baby dragon turns 1 and the van tucks welcomed me into their lovely home to capture the special day. no birthdays are more important than a Childs first, they don't remember it but the parent always will, this is a day that as a photographer you can really make last a lifetime. some photographers find it daunting working with babies but I adore it they make the shoots truly special.

boys in blue

the timbo's recently welcomed their newest beautiful eyed boy into their life and mommy wanted to capture the here and now before they get too big. which parents can't relate to that feeling before you know it they are off to school. the Timbo's are big fans of nature and so the location was easy and there isn't a lot cuter than matching outfits.

walk in the park

mommy & me sessions are amongst my favorite, seeing that special bond between mother & son truly is beautiful and pure. this was my first mommy and me since moving to seattle and their first mommy and me ever which makes it all the more special. some things you take for granted in high quality photos, the emotion that you are able to draw out as a photographer it what creates the forever memories and moments that you truly cherish.

GJ summer/ spring ad 

I had been working with Gene Juarez on multi projects when they asked me to be apart of their spring/summer ad campaign which was featured company wide.

Gene Juarez brought a team in to head up the campaign I was required to capture behind the scenes photos. Pretty soon into the shoot talking to the photography teams manager we realized the amount of content that was needed to capture in one day, so we decided that I would take on a larger role. content I provided them was used in brochures, website, store front and entered and won 2019's stamp awards for overall campaign.

Golden lock's & smile

esports producer was in the market for some chill at home lifestyle shots that show off he's relaxed cool/ calm aura while in interesting, artistic poses. I took an uber to Joe's place, helped him chose the outfits and we started outside to utilize the light available. it was my first time shooting a male with such long flowing hair and so we had to come up with some interesting images that accentuate this. Joe is a great guy and when you hit it off with a model it makes the shoot easier for both of us and you get amazing images as a result.

just flew in

out of town model j Ortiz contacted me to organize a shoot during his visit to Seattle. I picked the iconic pike place market as the backdrop of our shoot as it's an iconic landmark in Seattle which is immediately recognizable. J Ortiz loved the location and was really easy to work with as a model, professional and friendly, one of the most important things is being open to ideas and or criticism and we threw ideas back and forth.

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